About us

We are a company providing first aid courses. We have all types of first aid courses in our portfolio.
However, our dominant feature is courses specially prepared for the armed forces (police and army).
IIFAE courses meet strict criteria and standards of the European Union mainly thanks to our strong partner - ASSR - Association of Samaritans of the Slovak Republic.
Our team of trainers has many years of experience not only in teaching but also in providing first aid.

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A word with CEO

While practicing my medical practice as an emergency doctor, I meet patients on a daily basis who needed first aid until a professional team arrived. I was a witness when people dont know what to do when they saw an injured person. The aim of IIFAE is to raise awareness of first aid to the general public in a new and interesting way. The dominant part of our portfolio consists of first aid courses for the armed forces, which are often the first in places where first aid is necessary. Our goal is to teach them first aid in the most attractive and simple way, so that they can respond naturally and stress-free when using first aid techniques are necessary.

MUDr. Marek Kozáček


A word with Head Instructor

I dedicated to first aid all my life. For many years I work as a first aid trainer, but also in the field as a rescuer. I have been active abroad for a long time and I have also participated in foreign missions. The IIFAE project appealed to me especially with its concept and long-term vision. I believe that our work will bring fruit and our courses will fulfill their purpose. This is to train especially the armed forces so that in stressful situations the providing of first aid to them is as low as possible.

Bc. Tomáš Dovjak



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